Camera alignment issues with LightBurn camera

I have LightBurn’s 8mp 85w camera. I followed lightburn’s video on calibration and alignment. Everything went pretty smooth… until I tested the camera out.
After placing the crosshairs on the alignment engraving, I tried placing a rectangle around some of the numbers and they were off by at least 1.5mm. I did not move the board it engraved on, it’s pinned to the laser bed.
I tried adjust the x or y offset in the camera control panel. However when I got the rectangle to align with the number 4, it was still off at the number 2.
I redid the alignment with the same results. The lid and the camera mount seem sturdy, I don’t think that’s the problem.
Not sure what else to do.

Didi you follow the instructions?:

Yes I have. After playing around with it more it seems that updating the overlay after the engraving is complete gives inconsistent results. I’ve measured to make sure my lid opens to the same height and even hot glued the corners of the camera mount so it doesn’t move.

I’ve seen similar here