Camera alignment not being kept

I have just purchased a new camera from Comgrow for my Atomstack A20. I set it up, calibrated it (First the lens then the alignment) and adjusted it with a Y shift of 4 to get it exact. I clicked the “Save Settings” button. (Nothing appeared to happen but I trusted the software) It was doing well. Until I powered down the software and started a new image. All my settings were lost and I had to re-calibrate the alignment to even get my “Update Overlay” button to highlight. Next after redoing everything, I used the “Export Camera Settings” option. Closed down Lightburn and started again, began by importing the settings. Now I could get the “Update Overlay” button to work but my shift settings were not saved and they were very different this time from before. Do I need to recalibrate this every time I need to use it? This is very upsetting as I was really looking forward to being able to use this feature of the software. To be clear, as long as I do not shut down the software, it works fine. But that is not a solution. Help? What am I doing wrong? What does the “Save Settings” button do? What is exported with the export option?

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