Camera Alignment not working

Trying to calibrate and adjust the camera on a red and black Om tech Laser.

The camera shows as normal in all views except when I try to calibrate it. Any Ideas why ?

If I go to calibrate camera lens it cannot find the “image”

yet I can clearly see it on the right. I even have put a whole sheet of white then black under the pattern to no avail.

Check out the picture to see what I mean

Please take a screenshot of where you’re stuck in the calibration process. Also, if you haven’t already looked there are a tremendous number of Topics on this forum covering calibration in depth with many problem scenarios. Worth a look if you haven’t already.

I have tried everything. I even covered up my lights so it is just illuminated by the spots above.
I simply will not recognize the dot pattern.

I am including a screen shot of the point I cannot get past.
I have done this before with no troubles. You clearly see that the camera is working by the screenshot above. This pattern id freshly printed off my printer
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Can you take a screenshot of the entire window? Would like to see the context. One thing that stands out is that the resolution is 320x240 which is quite low.

What kind of camera is this?

Can you also take a screenshot of your Edit->Settings page?

Can you list the things you’ve tried? When you say this worked before was it with this same camera, same computer, same version of LightBurn?

Yep Same camera same computer… using the latest Lightburn. It was 3 versions back when I first did it.
Only thing different hardware wise is I have the USB connected over Cat6 with adapters.
I dont understand why I can see the camera is working fine and pretty clear but lightburn wont capture the dots pattern

This could be all the difference if bandwidth is not enough to allow for a higher resolution image. You should try going back to previous cable to see if behavior changes.

One other thing to try is to change the Camera Capture System type in Settings. If set to Default try Custom, if Custom try Default.

Looks to be a tad out of focus too judging by the photos!

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