Camera Alignment pattern Question

I finally got my calibration done on my boss1416… on the screen it looks like it should be a square, but it is burning as a rectangle. What would cause this?

What is? Can you show a screen shot of what you mean? (I can’t tell if you’re referring to the camera alignment pattern or a job afterward)

the issue is with the calibration/alignment. Most of the time it says it cannot see it, when I did finally get 9 shots, and tried alignment the pattern comes out as a rectangle not a square, and the screen capture cuts off the front corners (I can not get that far again to get a picture)

THanks for any help!!!

made it through calibration again… same distortion. here is shot of final

Do you have rotary mode on? Go to Tools > Rotary Setup and make sure that rotary is disabled. If it’s not, it would affect the Y scale of jobs.

My hero! Thanks so much

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