Camera alignment shift after opening door

So, this sounds like an unfortunate but common issue with the camera when it is mounted on the door. Since the door opens with the gas struts, there is no stop position. I guess the door sometimes opens more, sometimes less.

What do you guys do to make sure the door opens to the same height all the time?

Also, do I need to calibrate the lens and alignment each time or just do the alignment after I have calibrated the lens once if the alignment is off?


I put higher force gas struts on my door then what it came with. This makes sure the door is always open to the max the struts can travel.

From my understanding lens calibration is a one time thing. As long as you don’t mess with the focus.

Alignment should be done anytime the camera has moved or you think it has moved.

I’ve completely removed the gas struts and replaced them with slightly longer fixed braces. Camera alignment has remained solid since that task was completed. Having the cover higher also provided a more perpendicular view of the table, resulting in an easier calibration.

Something that works well is adding some form of physical stop - a small steel cable with eyelets, or a hinged cabinet door brace both work well.

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Thanks for the tips y’all! I’m going to attach some steel cable and see how it goes!

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