Camera alignment speed setting

I am re doing my calibration and camera alignment. During the alignment i can’t select inches per minute. I used to be able to. All my settings are set to inches but not sure what has happened.

Another thing is the ongoing camera alignment. I just cannot get this thing properly aligned. One thing i noticed is the only way to get close alignment is by zooming in alot.

You don’t select them - it just uses whatever units you choose in your global settings. If you normally use inches / min, that’s what will show up there. To me it looks like you have inches/sec chosen.

Yes, that’s necessary. It’s a manual process, and if you’re sloppy about it, the results will suffer.

You are correct, i have inches per second. The issue i see now is it wont allow me to type in the speed. It just allows me to type single digits… Per the camera, it’s not about being sloppy, i have zoomed in and done it as best as possible but the issue persists. You were helping me a while back and even suggested i buy your camera, i did and still the same issue.

It’s likely just preventing you from typing something that would exceed reasonable limits. Inches/sec is very fast - 10ips is 254mm/sec. The camera alignment window won’t let you enter anything faster than 500mm/sec (19.69 in/sec) so if you try to add a 2 at the beginning here:

… that would make it 21.69 in/sec, which isn’t allowed, so it won’t let you type that. Select the whole thing and delete it, then type and you should be able to.

You said, “the only way I can get close is by zooming in a lot” - I was confirming that, yes, that’s required, regardless of camera. The system is fussy and needs you to be quite precise when setting it up in order to get good results. The camera must be rigidly mounted, and the mounting point must always be the same distance from the top of your material.

When you say, “the issue persists” - what issue? Show pictures? Remember, I can’t see what you see, so you have to spell it out.

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