Camera Alignment using Laser 2

The Ruidia motherboard that came with the laser was damaged and we had to move the laser controls over to CN6 for laser 2 control. The problem is that when running camera calibration wizard it automatically uses laser 1. Is there a way to change this?

Deathstar is a pretty snazzy name for a laser engraver.
What’s the model number of the Ruida controller?

I dug in a little bit on this. There is currently no way to switch lasers to laser 2 for the calibration.

You should be able to use any 180mm square and select the 4 corners starting top left and proceeding clockwise. If the bed of Deathstar is bigger you should be able to make the square 360mm or 540mm on a side and enter the scale factor 2 or 3. This helps to reduce the angular error induced by being off by one or two pixels.

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