Camera Alignment with same burn pattern

Hi sorry I searched the forum for an answer to this but couldn’t find one.

Is it possible to use the same burn pattern for camera alignment over and over again. I’ve tried but only get good results when I run the wizard fully and create a new burn pattern.

It would save time and material if i could just reuse the old one.

Thanks. Trevor.

This same question was asked the other day. Take a look at my reply there.

I should add that this assumes static camera placement and orientation.

Question for me is what the reason is for running alignment so often? This isn’t meant to be something required again and again.

Hi and thanks for the reply. The reason i’m running it so often is I have a diy camera mount thats not very good. also I have limited space and have to hang the laser up on the wall of my shed when i’m using other equipment. this all messes with the alignment.

I made up a little jig to recenter the burn pattern in the same place all the time and I use the same scale on the wizard (150% i think). At least now I know it can be done so i’ll have a look at the setup again.

If your camera is shifting this won’t work. The alignment couples the camera view to the generated engraving. If either shift then the process cannot be repeated.

Perhaps you can burn to a less precious material. Can you just burn to a sheet of paper?

Or work out a method of getting repeatable camera position so this whole thing can be avoided.

Ah ha… that makes perfect sense… thanks for your help. I was just trying to speed up the process of alignment. I’ll just use an a4 sheet in future so.

Thanks again for the help.


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