Camera Alignment Wizard Freeze after Burn

I am running v1.0.06. Camera works fine in all other respects and have been able to successfully complete the camera calibration. Alignment Wizard functions well through burning the pattern, and I can get to the next page, but the “Capture Image” button remains grayed out. Two days ago I had an image below, but was a freeze-frame from the calibration process. Yesterday it gave me no image at all.
I have a Lightburn 5mp, 66 degree camera, which, as I said, works well in all other respects.
I have double checked permissions, checked to default camera, but cannot get the Alignment Wizard to finish.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Many thanks

Which Windows operating system are you using?
Did you select Custom for your camera set up?
Sometimes running under Default instead of Custom for the alignment will get you going.

Yes, I ran through a couple other threads and checked the default camera issue prior. My OS is Windows 11.

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