Camera Alignment Wizard - soft origin question

The setup process for the Camera Alignment Wizard has a button marked ‘Frame’, when I press this I get a dialogue box asking me to set the controller origin mode to ‘Soft Origin’, I did this but I still get the message and I can’t proceed any further.

The controller is a LightObjects LO-X7 with Trocen AWC 708C.

Thanks in advance,


Ignore my previous post - I did a restart of the software and now I still get the warnings (twice) but then the frame is run by the laser head.

Camera now calibrated and aligned - happy days.

For those wondering I bought camera direct from Waveshare (IMX179 8MP 3264 x 2448 pixels) because when I looked the Lightburn one was not available - it has a wide angle lens so when mounted on the fully open lid I can see all of the 1200 x 900 bed and some. I might lower it bit and recalibrate.

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