Camera calibration, 4k-w 95 HL-1060

PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve been trying to calibrate my camera(8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) 95*) and it will not get past all the steps. My machine is an HL-1060 (960x600 bed) and the height from bed to camera is 40.5 inches.

To get my entire bed in the picture, I cannot have the camera facing directly down. Would this cause an issue? I’ve also found that it’s a standard lens and not fisheye.

Read here as a starting point:

That also has a link to a second post which is more general tips for the calibration. Read both, and if you’re still having trouble, post back but with a little more info - I suspect you’re just having problems because of the pattern size / position.

Honeycomb bed is removed.
Camera is focused.
Calibration card is printed on a full size A4 sheet of paper, not sure how I could print larger.
Card is printed correctly.
Could be uneven lighting, but when I turn my shop light on it washes out the calibration card.
My lid opens so far back that I can’t have the lens parallel to the card, would you suggest coming up with some kind of stop so the lid won’t open so far?(I can take any pictures needed, just ask).

About to wrap up some work at my day job and test during the daylight with garage door open to see if I get a better result.

You don’t have to print it larger, you can just move it closer to the camera - place it on a box or something. The overall position seems fine, it just looks too far away / too small in the camera view.

Ok, I was assuming that it was supposed to be bed level. I’ll try that, thanks!!!

From the documentation:



I was able to hold the lid down closer to the bed and have the camera over the top, then released the lid all the way up and adjusted the camera angle to show the work area and ran the camera alignment.

Thanks Oz!!!

If you scale the alignment job up it will help the accuracy - you should be able to run it at 200% to 250% and still have it fit.

Thanks for the heads up, so far so good on alignment after closing and opening the lid several times. Just have to nudge things over some on the x and y adjustment.

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