Camera Calibration does not work because of Noisy Image

Hello, everyone,

I have a problem with the camera calibration for Lightburn. Let’s start from the beginning.

I have an OmTech 70W CO2 laser. Now I want to equip it with a camera. I used a cheap Banggood 5MP camera first. Since this had a wide angle of 160 degrees and this is far too much, I decided on a new camera This camera has a better resolution and perfect 120 degree wide angle. Calibration was very easy with the old camera. The accuracy (probably maybe because of the 160 degrees) left something to be desired. Hence the switch. The new camera has a good picture so far when I look at it in the Windows camera app.

Now to my problem: With Lightburn, the quality is very bad and the picture has a lot of noise. With the old camera, however, this was not a problem. What could be the reason? So I can’t get the calibration to be completed. The software itself says the picture is too “noisy”.

I am attaching a few more screenshots where the quality is visible in the Windows app and the quality in Lightburn.

Many thanks for your help.


Couple of things to check:

  1. You should check the fisheye lens option rather than the standard lens
  2. You have a visible honeycomb bed. Try covering it entirely.
  3. Are you resting a piece of paper with the calibration pattern on the wood board? You really want it to be dead flat so preferably glued down to something. You want no wrinkles or distortion at all in the pattern. Even if the paper looks flight it’s likely slightly curled.


thank you for the fast feedback! great forums :wink:

  1. The same problem in Fisheye option. The picture is too noisy.
  2. Yes the honey is visible but I don’t quite understand why this wasn’t a problem with the old camera and here it is. First of all, why isn’t the image noisy in Windows webcam mode and it is in Lightburn?
  3. Of course that’s true. My paper is not smooth. I’ll try to make it smoother. But I guess that doesn’t change anything because the picture is just too noisy.

This is more for proper calibration, not noisiness.

The wider lens in your other camera may have provided enough visual distinction between the honeycomb and pattern. The calibration process if very sensitive so any small change can result in large differences. I suspect the honeycomb is the primary reason for the complaint.

I’m not certain the low quality image is actually an issue. It may just be a resizing artifact for that screen. Can you confirm if the 1920x1080 that’s being used for the calibration matches what you’re getting in the native app? What is the Camera Capture System that’s configured in Edit->Settings? Custom is better but less compatible than default.

Yeah, not an issue with noisiness, just quality.

I’ve solved the problem ahead of time. I removed the Honey Comb and this is how it works. I don’t understand why… but well…

Unfortunately I need the Honey Comb because I need a try square… mhm

The honeycomb confuses the calibration algorithm because it can look like one of the calibration dots.

Once you’ve completed calibration you can put the honeycomb back.

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