Camera calibration for full format

Hi there.

1- Is there a way to use a part of the bed that I chose? I cannot fit the full bed into the camera. I am ok with that. But the calibration works from the center. Can i somehow trick it into using the first half of the bed instead of the middle?

2- My resolution dropped dramatically to the point i was unable to recognize the alignment marks very well. Is that my fault for not calibrating the lens in the corners properly or something else?


  1. There isn’t a way to do this at this time. I’m going to add an offset or something similar for larger machines that will allow this.

  2. If you’re on Windows, and using an off the shelf USB webcam, this is a known problem. The framework LightBurn is built on is how we access web-cams, and that framework doesn’t support setting the capture resolution on Windows, so the cameras capture at whatever their default is, and most default to 640x480 for some reason. The camera sold in by LightBurn gets around this because I was able to get a supplier to tweak the firmware settings to default to the highest resolution. (note that this isn’t an issue on Mac). There are a few cameras I know of in addition to ours that default to higher resolutions.

I think i can change the bed size to smaller, calibrate it to that so the center would be closer to X0Y0 then put the bed size back. seems like it should work as it only adds extra bed not change the ratio,

Thanks. Im guessing thats out of the USA? I was hoping to find something faster and closer. can you rattle off any of those cameras you know of? Otherwise ill have to order one


One of the more recent ones noted was a Moebius Action Cam - that will do full 1080p, and they’re pretty easy to find.