Camera calibration issue k40


Any tips on getting the camera working accurately? calibrated it so many times and i just cant get it to work properly.

Did you run camera alignment? If not, you’ll need to in order to get placement accuracy. Also, make sure that your workspace area reflects the true working area of your laser.

Yes i ran alignment too.

Pretty sure my work area is also accurate but i can chekc that

Was your laser properly homed before doing the alignment and did do a fresh burn of the alignment targets after properly applying a proper scaling?

If not, suggest you run through the process again.

Yes. I’ve followed the process several times. Watched a few videos too. I’m following the correct steps for alignment.

Happy to record the process and show you if that helps

I don’t know if it will help but it’s possible someone might see something not obvious. Worth a shot.

The amount of misalignment you’re seeing suggests something fundamentally off. If you were off by a couple of millimeters it could possibly be explained by other factors but this would imply something more.

Was there anything remarkable during the calibration process? What types of scores were you getting?

posted my calibration. ive done it so many times.

Open to any suggestions

That final image is closer than I understood from the previous exercise.

For calibration ideally you’d have better scores. One thing I’m noticing is that it looks like you’re using a floppy piece of paper for the pattern. You really want this to be an a dead flat surface so try to paste to a piece of foam board or MDF or something else similarly rigid and known flat. Any distortion present in the pattern will result in a skewed correction.

You did not post any pictures for the alignment process. Was there anything remarkable during that process?

The height of the material during alignment really needs to be the same height as the material when you do your normal engravings. Distance matters for the alignment process.

i think the issue is that the paper isn’t flat. ive glued it to some ply and already noticed an improvement.

the trace function is quite messy and difficult to get good results but ill keep testing

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest redoing the alignment after calibration with the ply.

What are you attempting?

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