Camera calibration issue

I have the Lightburn 8MP camera which I just installed on my 9060 laser with the RUIDA6445 controller. I was able to complete the dot pattern lens calibration without problems. However, when I get to the camera alignment wizard and get to the pattern burn step, I hit the frame button and it runs the pattern perimeter fine, the image of the pattern is displayed correctly on the Lightburn desktop, but when I hit start the controller gives me the “Frame Slop Error” and only 1/2 of the pattern is displayed in the controller screen. If I ignore the error, only 1/2 of the pattern is etched. The center circle is only a 1/2 circle. I tried all settings and calibration steps without any luck. Any other job cuts fine, it is only the camera calibration that shows 1/2 of the image. I am on the latest Lightburn 0918 version.


  • What scale did you use for the alignment job?
  • Do you happen to have rotary mode enabled in the controller?
  • Are you using the new U-axis rotary firmware?

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