Camera calibration Lightburn 9.21

The captured image in setup wizard looks pixelated. Lightburn 9.21, Windows 10. It was able to do the lens calibration fine. The only time I see this is during the wizard setup.

Can you show a screen shot?


Now I’m getting the same results on the Mac. I was able to calibrate the alignment earlier today.

I take that back but I may have found the issue. I’m using a usb switch to connect either the Mac or the PC and when I have it plugged into the switch I get the pixlated image.

It’s possible that switch is only rated for USB 1.0. The cameras use a decent amount of power, and send a lot of data, so you’ll need something USB 2.0 compliant, and it should have a power supply as well.

I think I know what the issue is. I jus ordered a cable and a different switch. I do believe that you are correct. I think I had it wired the wrong way. Let’s see. Te delivery on Monday will tell the story. The wiring is getting a little craazy.

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