Camera Calibration problem in center of bed

LightBurn 0.9.06
LightBurn camera, 160 degrees, 32" above bed
Ruida controller through ethernet
Win 10 64 bit

I’ve gone through the calibration process 6 or 7 times now on a machine with a 1400 x 900mm bed. It has been a very trying experience each time. I’ve got the same result each time as well. That is I get decent accuracy in the corners, but a non acceptable result in the center which is off by somewhere around 0.0625" to 0.125".

Is there a way to tweak the results without going back through the calibration process? Is this more a result of camera lens or camera alignment? The camera lens calibration has been very problematic for me. I’ve tried placing whiteboard over the honeycomb, and not placing it down. I’ve also watched the official youtube video.

Any suggestions for a larger bed like this? I’ve read some of the tips/tricks. I really need better results in the center.

That’s very odd - the center of the bed is usually where it’s most accurate.

The camera control window has tuning settings:
Width & Height adjust the size of the overlay, and X Shift / Y Shift fine tune the position. If you get alignment that works, click the Save button to store the values.

Starting a little higher level, have you ever calibrated the machine itself? IE, are you certain that telling the controller to make a 500mm square produces a 500mm square?

When doing the lens calibration, was the alignment card on the bed of the laser, or lifted so it occupied roughly 1/3rd of the field of view horizontally and vertically?

When doing the alignment, did you scale up the marker cut so it filled more of the machine area? This helps a lot with accuracy, but more for the corners than the middle.

Hi Oz,

I thought it was odd too although it’s very possible that I’m doing something to contribute to the oddity.

I do calibrate the machine on a fairly regular basis, but it’s a good place to start looking. Still doesn’t seem to explain the inaccuracy in the center though.

I lifted the card up to occupy the 1/3rd.

Yes I scaled up by 420. That got the markers very close to the top/bottom of the machine.

Ok, good - I have to get the obvious stuff out of the way first. :slight_smile:

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