Camera Calibration - Recommendation?

We really need a way to adjust the camera alignment without doing a full calibration. I don’t know how but my camera works it’s way out of alignment so my overlay doesn’t line up with my material and it sucks having to do a full calibration just to get my overlay to line up.

Am I missing something?

Is the material a different thickness to the material used when doing calibration, you need to calibrate to the correct thickness of the material as the camera will see different thickness materials differently due to different focal distance.

I assume this is on your (gantry?) CO₂ laser, rather than the fiber laser.

The camera alignment remains valid if:

  • The camera doesn’t move
  • The laser frame doesn’t move
  • The material doesn’t move relative to the frame

If any of those conditions don’t hold to within about half a millimeter, then the camera calibration will be off by unpredictable amounts.

Because the relative motion between the camera and the material can be imperceptibly small, it often leads to thinking “my setup is absolutely stable”, which causes much heartache & confusion.

Some folks add wire ropes to ensure the laser cabinet lid stops at the same angle every time, as gas strut screws tend to work loose over time.

It may be more useful to set up a fixture locating the material at the correct position, rather than relying on visual markers and operator attention-to-detail that I always mess up at some point :grin:

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