Camera calibration sheet

When I printed the sheet, it used a whole 8.5x11 sheet. Ok to use that size?

Not with a laser that small - you have to be able to move the printed sheet around within the camera image. You also have the clip too close to the first row of dots - there needs to be a white border around it all. Turn off “fit to page” when you print it and that should help.

Is 5x7 an ok size to use for it?

I’m glad that question was asked. My calibration page printed out about 5x7 but I think I’ve read that a bit larger might be better. My bed is 700 x 500 and there would be enough room around it for the nine points. How large is not too large for such a bed size?

The only thing that matters is how big the image is to the camera. You can print it on a postage stamp and hold it close, or print it on a billboard 40 feet away - the camera sees the same image in both cases, assuming you can focus on it. :slight_smile:

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