Camera Calibration will not work

I have a Microsoft Lifecam mounted above my laser and it will not calibrate
I have tried everything from sticking the dots to a wooden board covering the honeycomb completely, trying fisheye as opposed to normal
Removing the honeycomb completely as you can see in the picture and nothing works
It always says “noisy picture”
I’m using Lightburn 1.2.03
I have even tried moving the calibration dots closer to the camera up till it filled the screen and then tried colouring in the dots with black paint in case it wasn’t dark enough
Nothing works!

Anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this before I throw everything out?

It is telling you the camera is 176x144 resolution. That is VERY VERY VERY low. (I.e. 0.025MP) That is supposed to be a 1080P camera I think (which is still low at 2MP, The cameras Lightburn sell are 5 and 8MP). So I think that’s where your problem is and you need to figure out how to fix the problem that is causing it to be seen as that resolution. Looks like you are running Windows. I think I’ve seen others that run windows have this problem too, driver issues or something. Perhaps a search on “low resolution camera on Windows” would give you some help.

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