Camera Calibration with multiple lasers and multiple cameras

Another camera problem. I have two K40s and one laptop with Lightburn, One K40 has the C3d board, the other has an OMTECH controller upgrade board, Both have a camera, one is a 160 degree fisheye, the other is a 170 degree fisheye. The device setup was completed for the omtech version with home and origin at upper left, camera location and calibration with image capture and all steps to successfully coordinate the camera with the k40.
When I set up the other K40 with C3d board (home upper left, origin lower left), used the manual device creation with a different name, completed setup. Disconnected from C3d laser, connected to omtech laser, successfully homed, but camera has lost its alignment data, need to run the 2nd part of camera setup again. Major PITA if I have to redo the entire camera setup each time I switch! Is there an accessible location where the camera alignment and calibration is stored.?

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Not sure if it had anything to do with order of operation or whatnot but each device profile that you have should allow for distinct camera calibration. Switching devices should allow for the respective camera calibration for that device to work.

Is that not what you’re seeing?

All device and calibration data is located in the Prefs file available if you do File->Open prefs folder.

I’d caution to be very cautious with making changes to that file as that is central for LightBurn function. Take a backup before making changes.

Yes, I did give a unique name for each configuration, The C3d unit has the origin Lower Left an a unique name, the Omtech unit has origin upper left and has a unique name as well. Very frustrating as it took quite a while to get the camera lens set up. (tough to get decent numbers on the spotted card!).

Perhaps try running through it quickly again to see if was just a one time issue or if there’s something else going on. If it works, then do a proper calibration.

Had a slight snag, as the camera module is temporarily dead (I damaged one of the surface mount resistors on the circuit board. It will have to keep till I get it fixed or a new camera.

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