Camera calibration won’t find the pattern

I just got my camera today and installed it on my Omtech 60W laser. when I do the lens calibration it won’t find the pattern. Did I get the right camera? I can see much larger area than the bed and the patternm seems far away. running windows 10 and lightburn 9.24

Important: If your machine has a honeycomb bed, or something similar to the image below with a lot of visible circles, it will likely be necessary to cover it with something. The pattern finder is looking for circles, and if it finds anything that looks like thousands of them, it gets confused. - Redirecting...

That was it - never thought of that but once I covered it with cardboard - well it wasn’t quick - but I was able to get it done. had to skip 3 of the 4 corners as it still wouldn’t find this.

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