Camera causes system crash

After installing the camera, I made sure my windows 10 and camera drivers were up to date. Afterwards I ran the windows camera app to verify that the camera was functioning. I left it running for quite sometime while I figured how to get it mounted and focused. No problems.

I started Lightburn and within 15 seconds of choosing the camera my system went blank (not BSOD… just blank) and did not respond to mouse, keyboard or anything but a hard shut down. I started the machine up and opened Lightburn up and the process repeated. Sometimes 15 seconds…sometimes a couple of minutes, but always resulting in blank screen and unresponsiveness followed by only responding to a hard shut down. I did this at least 5 times.

Eventually, it stopped doing that and just started freezing the screen and leaving weird, green squiggly line artifacts in the camera preview only and the mouse and keyboard stops functioning. I never got the chance to do a camera setup. I never got that far…and once again only a hard shutdown works.

I go back to the windows 10 camera app and all is well…

To say that I need help is an understatement.

I have never seen anything like this before. I assume you aren’t running the Windows camera app while running LightBurn?

Are you running a pre-release version of LightBurn, or the public version?

Just the public version 0.8.07. I didn’t even know there was pre-release versions. Lol. And you’re correct, I’m not running both apps at once.

I went out this morning and tried using the camera again. I have a Gateway All-in-0ne system (Windows 10 64bit) with an integrated webcam. I disable the webcam in device manager leaving only the LightBurn camera. I opened LightBurn, selected the only camera and walked away. I checked on it 20 minutes later, and it was black-screened and frozen.

I removed the LightBurn camera, rebooted, re-enabled the built-in web camera, opened LightBurn and selected the built-in webcam…45 minutes later, the computer and software are fine.

I brought the LightBurn camera into the house and attached it to my work laptop, installed LightBurn trial software, selected the LightBurn camera, and 45 minutes later…all is well

I also tried another ELP camera that I have, which is only 2MP and it also freezes my shop machine. I even tried different USB ports to no avail. So… something about the LightBurn software using external USB cameras on my shop machine has issues.

What OS is the shop machine? Is it current? (Latest Windows updates have been run?)

I do plan to rewrite the camera capture on Windows to get past the driver issues, though I’m not sure if it will make this better or worse.

It’s a windows 10 machine. Yes, I did all updates before starting, but I finally got it working. I set the program to “Run as administrator” and it is now functioning. I managed to get all the way through the camera setup.

The only problem I have now is that image is washed out and over exposed. I added a fluorescent cabinet light on the door as well some time ago to give ample lighting. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way to adjust the exposure. Any ideas?

I actually had to turn the cabinet light off and use the light on my phone to illuminate the sample image during testing. Kind of a pain. :slight_smile:

Try putting a piece of white paper or two on the bed of the machine so the auto-exposure tunes downward a little bit. That has helped for me in the past.

I’m very surprised that admin mode is required - I don’t understand why that would be the case, but I’m happy that it’s working for you, regardless.

I guess I spoke to soon. After successfully getting up and running, I came back a couple of hours later and the system was blank and froze again. Just not my day. :frowning:

If you leave the “Windows Camera” app running for a period of time does it cause any issues? I’m wondering if maybe it’s the camera overheating. They get hot, but should be within spec. You said it’s just on that machine - is it possible you have USB power save or USB port sleep enabled on it?

As for the USB power save, I also made sure all of that was disabled because I had that thought as well. I have not tried leaving the windows camera app for any length of time. I will do that and see what happens and report back.

I let the windows camera app run for 4 hours with that camera. No issues.

To solve my camera crashing issue I just installed Windows 7. I ran it on a test macine first for 17+ hours before hand. After reverting back to Windows 7 on my laser computer, it has been running without crashing.