Camera choice ..again

I know its been asked a lot, Im working backwards here… My bed us 1300, and the door is 900mm away , which using trig, gives me a camera angle of 70 degrees.

I cant find a multiplier, so i assume trig will work?

Would this camera work?

Many thanks

One potential issues with that camera you linked is that the camera may default to a lower resolution if used on a Windows based system. LightBurn’s camera has been factory set to default to the highest resolution, giving you better positioning accuracy.

Thanks, using on a mac…

Quick, online sheet to verify your settings!

According to this you’ll need a 120’ lens. My limited understanding is that the ‘lens factor’ is a way to simplify the math - but the Field of View should be the same as calculated as far as I understand it.

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I dont get how its 120 degrees, yet the trig works it out as 70?


Show us your math (both the logic and actual) and we’ll see.

I measured the actual image presented from the camera for every camera/lens we sell - no math involved. The camera sensor doesn’t necessarily capture the full breadth of image from the lens, and the FOV is usually measured diagonally, not horizontally.

Heres my math

So 1300/2 = 650 , height is 900, gives an angle of 35

35 x 2 = 70

I am also looking for a camera for my laser. I guess that I need the 90 degree lens (out of stock) for my 400mm bedsize. Highest point for mounting camera is 700mm
Inputs anyone?

@Lightburn when will you get this lens in stock again?

Punched in the calculator above - With those dimensions, You could get away with the 60’ if you’d like. And it’s in stock!

I’m not saying your math is incorrect, I’m saying I put a measuring stick on the ground and actually measured the breadth of the camera view from a known height and computed the ratio, and did this for each camera we sell. If a 120 degree lens is used, but the sensor only covers the middle two thirds of it, you have an 80 degree view.

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