Camera choice what can we use

Can you use any camera ?? Example something off Amazon or a gopro ?? Due to nothing in stock on lightburn?


Any camera in Windows that complies with UVC standard should be accessible through LightBurn. However, not necessarily all cameras will be suitable based on field-of-view and image quality.

The Camera Selection Help tool available in the Help menu will help you determine the right camera for your needs.

Ok thanks I have a longmill 30x30 so would love to get maximum view just seen on site there sold out of alot of cameras only 90°or less available

This is her she’s big an open and lots of room above

I have good lighting threw shop an few big led above the bed its self so being 30"x30" cuttable area im thinking the 120 ° but lightburn shows sold out if I go threw them any links on a good one you used ?

Lol the master is smart with this one he is lol just came across an this worm hole got deep fast an now its getting a camera lol il keep checkin the site for availability but yea like I seen in a list being that big of a table I need minimum 120° I think

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