Camera control window missing

Somehow, my camera control window has gone missing. It’s checked in the menu so it should be around somewhere, I suspect it’s somehow gone off the edge of the screen and doesn’t want to come back. “Reset to default layout” in the Window menu doesn’t bring it back. Got any tricks or suggestions for how I can find it again? (Windows 10)

Go to Window > Reset to Default Layout and then turn it on again. That should bring it back.

As I said above, resetting to default layout unfortunately does not bring it back :stuck_out_tongue:.

D’oh - I missed that, sorry. Try this: when you launch LightBurn, hold the Shift key. That will bypass restoring the window positions and should reset it.

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Thanks, that works!

But it does give rise to reproduction and a new-ish bug report:

Latest version (live 9.10) on W10, if you have the camera control window floating (not docked on the side) and close it, then close LB, you can now never get it back again with the menu until you reset the interface completely by holding shift while starting.

I’m not able to reproduce this on my own system. Do you change monitor configurations or anything? (Like, closing it on a 2nd monitor, then running again with only one?)

I just had this happen as well. un docked the camera control and moved to second monitor. However I can not even get my camera feed visible withing lightburn now.

I simply closed lightburn and did nothing on the second screen

Nope, this computer only has (and has only ever had) one monitor.

I’m having this same issue. Tried holding down the shift key while starting LB. It now opens LB and I see the camera control window but it has no control handles to move it or close it. I can’t click any of the menu items since the camera control window is covering them. I also have only a single monitor and have always had just a single monitor. It now opens this way every time whether I hold the shift key or not.

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I had that as well but managed to move it by grabbing the very top left corner.

Very same here. first run i got this split image in the camera window, then window locked to top left corner, then a crash for reason unknown.

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