LightBurn 0.9.10 - Camera window issue

Camera window stuck on upper left corner and can’t be moved.

And crashed

That’s different - Did your machine sleep, change display size, or anything like that?

Once i’ll manage to reproduce this crash i will share my findings. i was not expecting this crash as i believe this was the very first, ever.

Regarding camera window stuck at the upper left corner.
if you enlarge the window by dragging lower right corner
and release the mouse click - you get the top menu bar which you can use to move the window or use the top right “X” to close it. no other way to move/close it.

Thanks for that tip. That allowed me to move the window. I have not had any crashes however.

I believe my crash was somehow related to me testing camera overlay.

It seems like once i saved the camera settings the camera window is stable in either floating or docked configuration. I hope this will last. much better video quality from previous version. I was hoping to have a manual focus slider as well. i use this with my octoprint camera (same camera model). i am not sure how LB manages focus - is it locked on auto focus?

Speaking of which,
toggling auto exposure makes it clear the camera is in auto focus mode.

Is there a control over shutter/frame-rate?
with my led light and auto exposure the video is very flickery.

Hang on, please. Are you saying you are not able to reproduce this crash? Saving the camera setting is kinda important and required for LightBurn to work properly. I ask because you have not answered the original questions posed and am still trying to understand what the issue is.

Hey Rick!
No sleep, No change in screen resolution (thou i use two monitors all the times)

So far i did not get a second crash. if LB will crash on me again i will report about it here. the very first time i used 0.9.10 i had many weird issues with the camera tools. I can’t say for sure but for now it seem that once i saved settings things are more stable, but can’t say for sure. time will tell.

I spoke too soon. after few restarts the camera window opened on the top left corner without being able to move it.
I must point you to the fact that i had this same behavior with cut layers order - few restarts the layers were drawn correctly then out of the blue they did not.

two completely different issues with this one same symptom.

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