Layer's colors on canvas drawing priority


Disabling ‘Filled Rendering Mode’ did the trick for me as well.
Now i can only see the fill on preview window.

And that is exactly how LightBurn is intended to be used. Performance is dramatically faster in this mode. Filled is intended for spot checking, not general use.

This also solved my very top first post of this thread.

So please allow us to keep the Preview window open during and while editing - at least the option to turn this feature on and/or off.

So you are asking for me to rebuild the job to be sent to the laser, in it’s entirety, after each change you make, and update the preview? The performance impact of that would be astronomical.

I was only pointing to the fact that in order to see the outcome of our little tweaks we need to switch on the preview window and close it for each little change - that takes time as well.
My projects are quite simple. i have no idea of the performance impact on much larger and more complex jobs. i have no idea.

Sometime i forget how complex commercial projects can be.

Alt-P and Esc are your friends. Makes it very fast to get into and out of.

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It’s worth remembering - I have about 15000 users at this point. I can’t change the entire way the software works on the whims of one of them.

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Hmm.I didn’t know that. I’ve always used filled rendering because it makes it easier to see what I’m doing. I’ve never noticed any kind of objectionable performance hit.


Same here.


This is a 28Mb map of Florida someone sent in, asking why it took so long for LightBurn to generate the output file for the laser:

This is nowhere near the most complicated file I’ve been sent, but it’s one of the few that isn’t a private design, so I can share it here without worry. I have to code for the worse case, not the easy case.

This is how long it takes to draw this file as filled, which is less time that in takes to do the path planning in ‘Line’ mode where it’s trying to minimize travel distance. (Note this is 15x to 20x faster than it used to be)

LOL, well there’s my problem… I only do simple stuff. :slight_smile:

But it’s good to know. If I work with something complex like that and it’s dead slow now I know to turn off filled rendering.

Hank, I would like to do the same but keep in mind keeping this settings on will introduce all the issues this long thread is all about. it’s a pickle. i want to keep this setting on as well but I don’t want to open multi-layers projects just to see shuffled layers in different order than how they were saved.

There are a few other gotchas to filled rendering that need to be addressed. The biggest being that when you are creating a shape with lines, but on a layer set to fill, it doesn’t draw the shape at all unless it’s closed. The code to determine whether a shape is closed or not is complicated, so I need to cache that value in the shapes and update it when they change, like I do with some others.

The order of layers visually is irrelevant - if your image overlaps a shape behind it, it will still burn the underneath shape, then the image, then shapes above - that’s why I recommend only using wireframe.

With filled rendering, these look identical:

In wireframe I can tell they’re not:

Dear Oz,
I don’t want this yet another post of mine on this subject to be labeled as a whim and I will only say that for the sake of this argument I will put the performance penalty aside (just for a sec…) and say that if i edit my project with “Filled Rendering Mode” ON that there will be no visual change between my pre-saved and opened project - visually. i totally understand the performance issue and knowing how knowledgeable you are in so many fields that i have no doubt whatsoever you know what you’re doing and what’s good for us - it’s just a simple user like me describing his daily experience. nothing more than that. for my simple projects i like to keep this setting on and wonder why can’t LB open them (visually) as saved cause they did work ok before saving as for me there were no performance issues during design stage.

This is a screenshot just before saving

This is a screenshot of the same project just reloaded.

That should actually work the way you think it should - I’ll have a look.

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