Camera - coordinates

I have located a spoon on the bed. The camera sees it. I bring text and/or an image an locate it where I want it. When I “frame” my project it will frame far from where I’ve located my object and text. What am I do wrong.

If I change to user coordinates i can locate text but that’s not how it is suppose to work.

Help will be appreciated.


I’m relatively new to this but I keep forgetting to re-“origin” my laser if I move the head to a new position to work on another file. So when I hit “frame” it goes back to wherever I had the position prior and frames the new job in the old location. Not sure if this helps or not but it’s just my trials with a new tool/toy in my shop. Cheers

Thank you for your input Eric.

I re calibrated my laser. Had the same issue. HOWEVER, I noticed there were numbers in the X and Y shift columns. When I zeroed these number the FRAME worked as it should. I may need to tweak the X Y shift tomorrow but, for tonight I’m a happy camper.

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What a dummy forgetting to hit the origin…

I’ve slapped myself so many time for that and still do it… If you read about problems people have, a lot of the times, they forgot to press ‘origin’. I did it today on my rotary…:frowning:

Welcome, thanks for joining the crowd :slight_smile:


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