Camera Crosshair

Hi, Wondering if there is a way to put a crosshair in the camera control window. I attached a adonstar pencil camera/microscope to the head of my xtool laser. I use the same type of camera/microscope to position my CNC router and it has excellent positioning accuracy and precision using mach3 and an addon offset tool.

In addition to being able to add a crosshair is there a way to set a button to do an auto offset from current position? Can do it manually of course.


Currently LightBurn does not support overlays on the camera output - however LightBurn does have a pointer offset, you can read more about that here: Device Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Head mounted cameras are currently supported in a beta state, and we’re working to add more functionality before releasing officially. Crosshairs is a good feature idea, and you can make requests on our Fider Feature request page - please see below:

Thanks Colin. I will put in the request.

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