Camera falls out of calibration

I have the camera mounted to the lid of my boss 1630. Can calibrate it and it works great for a day or two but eventually will be out of calibration by an inch or so. Lid position remains constant. I don’t know why it looses calibration.

Is it only moving in the Y direction? (if so, that suggests your struts are sagging over time)

How is the camera mounted to the lid? Is it completely rigid? If you have it mounted with foam tape or something flexible, and it’s possible for the camera angle to vary, even a little, that can be enough to move the view a mm or two.

the camera is super glued to a piece of acrylic which is super glued to the lid. It’s rigid and not moving. I performed the test with an old calibration sheet I had done in the past just to show how far it is off today. One picture attached shows where I marked target #4 and the other picture shows where the laser traveled to. X and Y are both off.

… wait - “With an old calibration sheet” - as in, you didn’t cut a new one?

How do you know that the calbration sheet was exactly where the laser put the marks before? The laser has to make the marks on the bed. If you removed it and put it back, those marks aren’t where they were when the laser put them there, and your calibration will be shot.

Calibration is also valid for the specific height that is was run at. If you have a lens tube that you adjust the focus height with, or you change lenses to different focus lengths, you’d need to redo the calibration. If you raise or lower the Z of the machine, as long as the top of the material is at the same height as the calibration marks were when you ran the alignment job, you’ll have no issues.

I’m just using the “set laser pointer by clicking on the page” icon on the left tool bar to send the laser to the location. I have already completed the calibration weeks ago by not moving this printed page.
Imagine I’m using a piece of wood instead of this calibration sheet.
When I calibrated the camera weeks ago with this sheet, the laser would move to the target as expected. But now it is off again.

Ok, understood (I have to make sure, because this has actually happened before).

Did you set the top of the material to the focus height before you updated the overlay?

This is what I was thinking. It’s close but not exact. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks

I just tested setting the focus height then updating overlay. I end up with the same results with laser landing about 1/4" down and to the right of target spot. It doesn’t matter if the Z table is in focus or out of focus, I end up with the same result. I will re calibrate the camera when I have more time and follow this issue more closely. Thanks

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