Camera feature on Prusa Mendel frame

Hi there !
I recently found the camera features of Ligthburn to be very useful when you need to align graphics on material. But It seems this kind of feature is only useful (and also compatible) with laser machines that have the laser head moving on X and Y axis.
My machine is based on a Prusa mendel frame with GRBL running on ramps 1.4 board. The laser head is mounted on the X axis and the bed which hold the material is moving on the Y axis.
How the camera feature can be used in this configuration ?! This feature would be very very useful and might be the tipping point for me to buy lightburn, so I want to know if it would work on my machine.

Here is the machine :

Thanks again for your enlightment about this.


It could be done if you always jog the bed to the same Y location before taking a capture, but that’s the only way it would work.

Ok I see. So I would need to put the camera in front of the machine (instead of the top), put the Y axis so that the bed is visibible, that’s what you mean ?
I will try this week.

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