Camera flickering

My lightburn camera flickers in the live mode. calibrated and i can capture image but in live mode the picture just cycles. Any help/advice would be great

I’m thinking :slight_smile:

How long is your USB cable ?
Do you need a powered USB able ?
Is the cable you have OK ?

Did it ever work without flickering ?
If so did you change anything

Are you also communicating with your laser by USB ?


No, I am communicating via ethernet. Yes camera did work and the only thing I did was to recalibrate it.
Cable is two feet long plugged in to a powered usb hub; cable is a good cable tested it by using it in a different application.

I am going try and recal it again.

Thanks for your reply


Good luck…keep this updated please…

will do. working issue even as i type

Hows it going ?

Well I removed the powered hub from the equation and all is good. However, the powered hub works well with my external drives. Not sure what it is but it is working when usb is plugged directly in cpu.

Hey super news, that’s also really good for others to know about.




Can you please select solved / resolved from the reply options on messages :grin:

I cannot find the selections u r asking me to choose.

It’s under the three dots, no problem I’m happy it’s good. I’m sure you will resolve the drives challenge :crazy_face:

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