Camera for 1400*900 laser

I’ve done the suggested math on the 8mp camera and at the 2.4 for the 110 degree lens looks like the min mounting height is 583mm, but the height of the inside of the laser from the honeycomb to the top is only 266mm.

Will this still work? Am I not understanding this correctly? Am I just bad a math (I am)?

Thanks for any advice you can share!

It’s pretty difficult to argue with the cold hard facts that are represented by math. If you have only 266 mm of available height, the camera angle will be limited to that part of the bed encompassed by that angle. I did the math too and your figures are correct.
Your large bed requires either a very wide angle lens or a very high lens mount.

Thanks for your response! Have you heard of anything working for people with large beds?
I’m new to this whole laser world and searched around this forum for a solution, but didn’t really come up with anything.

I can’t be the only person looking for a solution for this.

I’ve not kept tuned that part of my alleged mind that covers this particular topic, as a bed so large is nearly beyond comprehension for me. On the gripping hand, I’ve noted that for Windows 10 users, one can use a non-LB camera under certain conditions (the escaped data area) which means you may be able to find an aftermarket camera with sufficient coverage for your bed.

Back to the world of math. If you have 266 mm of height and a 1400 mm wide bed, you have a right triangle that has A = 700 and B = 266 and C doesn’t matter.

Traveling the world wide web, I found a calculator that tells me a camera with a 138.386 degree angle of view would work. Probably better to go to a higher value to allow for mounting distance loss.

A quick search shows very few that go that wide, but I was surprised to find one promising candidate:

145° angle and only US$35. As with all things internet, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Additional research would be required to determine compatibility with LightBurn and your system. If you aren’t using Windows 10, it’s moot.

Wow thanks so much digging into this for me. I’ll check it out and if I find a solution I will make sure to post it back here for others with the same issue.

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