Camera for boss 1630

Trying to wade through the posts to find answers. I have a Boss 1630 and am planning on mounting a camera on the backside of the door behind the handle. Is the 8mp camera available for my model and if I’ve read correctly, the 90 degrees model would be best. I’ve tried to comment on previous posts to this subject but it says it has expired. Just need to know the camera and degrees to purchase. Also would a wireless camera be available so I wouldn’t have to run such a long USB. Looking to purchase the software and the best camera available for my machine. Is a directional mount necessary or can I use a piece of acrylic and just screw into the handle holes and 3m glue the camera to the acrylic sheet. Thanks for any helpful info so I’ll know what to purchase.

The “best” is to measure your bed and work out the required height. From our site:

In order to determine the minimum mounting height for the camera to see your whole laser area, use the wider of the two lengths of your laser’s work space and divide by:

2.4 for the 110 degree lens
1.5 for the 95 degree lens

So for your bed, 30 inches wide:

  • dividing by 2.4 gives a minimum mounting height of 12.5" above the bed for 110 degree
  • dividing by 1.5 gives a minimum mounting height of 20" above the bed for the 95 degree.

Move the bed (z table) so it’s at the focus point of your laser.

If the distance from your bed to the camera mount point is more than 12.5" but less than 20", pick the 110 degree. If the distance is more than 20", pick the 95 degree.

You can’t get an 8mp wireless camera - too much bandwidth.

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