Camera For closed Epilog Laser door

Hello, I have an Epilog mini 24x12 (610 x 305 mm cutting surface). I wanted to get a camera, but I didn’t know which one. The top is made from glass and the hinges only allows it to only stay CLOSED, or OPEN on an 90 degree angle.So in other words, the door when opened, sticks up completely vertical. I was wondering would it be possible to put a camera that could be used with the door closed. The distance between the door and the bed is 9 inches(228.6mm). I am also open to any other ideas to mount the camera. Feel free for the input. If you need any additional info to help me out dont hesitate to ask. Thanks

Yes… what controller do you have in your mini?

how do I find that out?

Well, I am asking you this because your machine isn’t supported by Lightburn (unless you have replaced the control board in it with a DSP or compatible GCode controller).

awww… man… like a punch to the gut… thanks. i just knew i was going to buy that camera. thanks for the quick response

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