Camera for watching laser work

I’m looking for information about a camera to watch my project burn. I’m using a Mac with operating sys Mojave. I have an enclosure and it is only 12" tall. I would like to install a camera inside the enclosure so that I can watch the laser work from my computer rather than have to wear glasses.

I’m pretty sure I need a 150º camera for this short distance. I’m concerned if using a fish eye lens will make it difficult to see what is happening because of distortion.

Has anyone accomplished this? If so what camera are you using? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance.

I had more or less the same limitations in the size of the enclosure that you have, but my requirements of the quality of the view are very low. In my case, I installed inside the enclosure a webcam. My objective is not having a view of the process but rather be sure there is not an issue in the process or a fire. I guess that because of focusing, the only way to have a clear view of the job it would be to mount a camera in the laser carriage, otherways either as you mention wide angle to watch the whole job and a good view looks not an easy challenge., considering the restrictions of the enclosure size.

I have a Logitech C920 USB camera on a tiny tripod and I use “Yet Another Webcam” software.
I stream the video to my computer upstairs so I can keep tabs on the process while I’m designing. I’m sure there is similar software for macs.

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