Camera gone after update

Hello does anyone know how I can get the view of my camera back? I ran the update 1.4.03 and since then it is not showing in the camera control section. It did actually come back for a day but now it’s gone again. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Here the same. After installing the 1.5.04 the cam panel is gone.
Not sure if it is related to the new version.
The last time I had the cam panel poped out. Then after the installation was reloading the lightburn software it was gone.
I cannot get it back. I did a reset on the default layout, but still the same.
I installed the previous version, but still the same.
After reinstalling the latest version it finally worked. Hope this helps.

Hiya thanks for replying. I unplugged the camera from my monitor and put it back in then came back on!

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