Camera hangs when bed lighting is turned on

I have a 2K web cam mounted in my 700 x 500 Rudia based Chinese laser. It is set to 2560 x 1440. It calibrates beautifully , has great clarity and works perfectly with the Lightburn software. I have both Auto functions turned off and both sliders set to minimum. The issue I am having though is When I turn on the led lighting I have installed around the bed of my laser, the Camera hangs. This only occurs when using the Lightburn software. It looks like it maybe just too bright, and the Lightburn software can’t handle the intensity. Just checking to see if anyone else has any issues like this and if they had any solutions. I currently just use it with the bed lighting off but this really isn’t ideal.

Are you sure it’s not RF interference from the high-frequency LED driver?

I hadn’t thought about that. All the electronics for the LED strip is built into the plug which is plugged in about 3 to 4 feet away from the camera. The LEDs are about 28" away from the camera. I’ll try to shield the plug and see if I get any different results. Thanks for the input. I appreciate any help.

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