Camera- help! please

Hello … Newbie here…
it seems I need a 90degree camera but that one is *out of stock would the 120degree cam work for me ? what would be the draw backs?
I have a 600 x 400 bed the distance from the bed to the open lid is 24.2 inches

We strongly suggest you use our included ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’ tool, and enter your bed size to review your camera options. As noted on that page, Double-click one of the entries to be taken to the product page for that camera.

thanks Rick,
I’ve already did that as well… the suggested camera for my set-up is the 90degree but that one is *not available :frowning: so the question was = would the 120 work for my set up or I’m stuck waiting until the 90 is available… any estimates of when the 90 will be available ?

The 120 would work - they’re actually quite close in viewing angle, and the 120 is slightly easier to focus.

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