Camera image is blurred

The set up is for a Omtech 50w JPT with built-in camera on a MacOS
I can’t seem to get the image to focus and the Wizard tools do not change the image clarity. Is there a set up somewhere else I need to do?

In order to align the image to the bed in software, it’s essential that the camera has to be focused manually before the final alignment.

I haven’t seen the Built-in camera for the Omtech until now. Please let us know how you access the manual focus.

Because I am using MacOS the software that came with the machine for the camera cannot be loaded in my system.

For your reference, here is the link for the machine that I just got 50W Split Fiber Laser Marker - Fiber Lasers & More - OMTech – OMTech Laser

What does the actual camera look like? Have you looked to see if there’s a focus ring on the camera itself that can be used to adjust focus?

To me it looks like you should be able to rotate the black bezel around the lens to focus the camera. Please be gentle if you attempt this as I’m not absolutely certain about the camera on your laser. The image focus of the image is not quite sharp enough for me to see all the details.

I will try that and see if it works. Thank you.

The bezel cannot be rotated

There is often an adhesive stuck there that’s used to secure the position of the focus ring that you may need to break free. Examine carefully.

Take a look at this video that shows this for a Raspberry Pi camera:

Again, I can’t quite tell from the photo of that’s a focus ring but it does look like one.

Here is a better picture. But I cannot do what the video shows because the housing around the camera does not let me get to it.

That definitely looks like it can be focused.

Note how there are 3 lobes. You may be able to use a tool like a small screwdriver to push against one of the lobes. It should not take a great deal of force to do so but more than just resting against it.

If it doesn’t turn in one direction try turning in the other direction as it may already be at its limit in that direction.

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