Camera Image Overlay way larger than Actual Cutting Area

I have gone through the camera lens and alignment tools. I have the 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) 110’ for my 1300mm x 900mm machine. I can’t mount the camera in the middle of the lid because the cable chain hits the mount, so I have it tucked near the front of the lid which puts it pretty high up, which according to the “Camera Buying tool” was the correct camera to buy…

Here’s the problem. The camera image goes out way beyond the edges of the machine, let alone the cutting area, which means the actual workspace overlay can NEVER scale down enough to correctly match the cutting area to the image. Am I’m doing something wrong in the software that I didn’t see?

What can be done?

Please Help. Thanks


I don’t know if there’s a software answer, but how do you feel about adding a strut on the lid, to lower the camera decreasing the field of view?

Which version of LightBurn are you using? You cut off everything so I can’t see the version number on the toolbar. I don’t remember when we started cropping out the captured image, but it’s been quite a while.

Unfortunately, adding a strut is not an option, because when you put the lid down, it would then be in the way of the cutter gantry. It seems that the open/closed lid clearance issue combined with field of view (FOV) can’t be resolved by the position of the camera, but instead the software must fix it OR I get a different camera with a different lens.

Oz, I just bought the license last week and am running the latest version but I’ll double check this morning.

Lightburn Ver. 0.9.20

That scale looks quite wrong - the targets are squished. Did you re-do the alignment and reuse a previous run of the target markers, by chance?

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