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Hi guys, I have a HPC laser 6090 pro but the camera was never mentioned when I bought it. Is there different cameras of will they all fit the engravers? I’m guessing the camera assist with engraving onto say items like hammers or bottle openers so you can see exactly we’re the engraving would go, is that correct as that’s what I would potentially use it for if that’s what they are for.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



That is what the camera is for, yes. We have guidance on where we suggest you mount the camera, and how to pick the right one for your machine here:

Start by reading through that, and if you’re still having trouble picking one, come back with the bed size and the height measurement and we can help you pick.

Ok thanks I have 900mm length x 600mm wide laser. In terms of the height

I would also need the mount advising also that it sits in as I say on the lightburn website but please advise if I need that. I would want the best camera please. We’re do I need to measure from? The max height of my bed to the top of the unit?

Please advise.



I have no idea what you just said. :slight_smile:

Place a piece of wood in the laser, and set the the focus the way you would if you were about to cut it. Then measure from the top of that piece of wood to where you’d mount the camera above it, inside the lid, with the lid open. The surface of the material has to always be the same distance from the camera when you capture an image - you load the material, set the focus height, then capture. If you don’t set the height correctly it’ll mess up the alignment.

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