Camera inside enclosure

Hi to everybody, I’ve a question about cameras.
I’ve an AtomStack X7 Pro laser that work inside the FB2 enclosure.
I would like to use a LightBurn camera and I trying to understand if there is one of them that can work inside the enclosure.
Can someone, please, tell me is this kin od camera does exist?
Many tanks


You can use any camera that is recognized as a webcam by your control PC. You need to check the available height and workspace size, those define the resolution and view angle for your camera.

Ok thanks
For example the 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) is, in your opinion suitable for the AtomStack FB2 enclosure that has an height of 420mm?

For me, this ( AF 120 degree camera proved to be good and compatible. I have the camera mounted inside a homemade housing at a height of 390 mm.

In order to choose a camera, you will need to take some measurements of your laser.

In LightBurn>Help>Camera Selection Help>confirm your machine size is correct and the table will show which camera works with your minimum mounting height.