Camera inside scan head compatibility

I am having a custom fiber galvo machine built, and the manufacturer has the option to add a camera inside of the scan head for easy alignment. This is something that would be of great benefit to me, but they can only confirm it works with EZCAD2, as they do not officially support Lightburn. It is a quite expensive option, so my question is, if it works with EZCAD2, should it also work with Lightburn?

As far as I’m aware we’ve never encountered a camera inside a scan head. Do you have a link to any documentation or perhaps some demo images that the vendor could provide you?

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Thank you Colin for the quick response. I am working on getting some documentation, but for now, all I have is this image of the scan head with camera. From this image, I guess it looks like it is more attached to it as opposed to inside of it?

Interesting - if it’s connected via USB there’s a good chance it would work as long as you plugged it in to your PC, not inside the controller somewhere - but that’s a rather expensive guess. It’s likely cheaper to purchase a camera from our Store, then you know it will work

Thank you, maybe we’ll go with that option. Are the cameras from your store able to assist with precise alignment, even at an angle, or are they more just for a rough visual?

It’s probably best you give the rather thorough docs on camera a read here: Using A Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

The red dot framing on a galvo is more useful for precision work, in my opinion, but yes cameras definitely can be used to line up work, although getting the calibration pixel perfect does take some work to get just right.

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