Camera issues, center of camera lines up, edges are off

This is my setup:

  • K40 Laser Cutter
  • 160 degree camera from Lightburn store
  • Scored no higher than .18 during calibration (had some as low as .07)
  • Lasered a 10mm x 10mm square and measured with calipers, came out right about 10mm x 10mm

Performed “Calibrate Camera Lens” and “Calibrate Camera Alignment”.

As you can see from the attached image, the text that is burned does not match the text that is digital.
I calibrated (lens and alignment) 3 different times, each calibration was progressively better, without change in these results.

Any ideas?

Just a suggestion, what happens to your backdrop if you remove the -.03 width that is showing? Those controls are for dialing in the the backdrop to match up what your layer is displaying.

Yes, what David said - Try without the width adjustment. Also make sure you set the focus height first, then do the overlay update.

I knew that was going to come back as a question the minute that I posted this. It makes no difference really. I just redid the burn and got the following results:

I also have been trying to use the width, height, x shift and y shift adjustments to make the overlay match the artwork. Which I can do, but then on the next burn and refresh of the overlay, they don’t match again :frowning:

I have had this issue ongoing. No solution yet. Maybe the next update will bring us some fixes…

Are you setting the top of the material to the exact same height as the top of the material you burned the alignment targets onto?

I used a piece of cardboard (1/8") to burn my alignment targets, the piece in the image I provided is also 1/8". So, I am under the assumption that they are at the exact same height (the focal length of my beam). Tonight I will double/triple check that these are the very same.

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