Camera Len Calibration - Pattern not found

This just keeps getting more difficult to understand. Trying to get the Windows 10 machine to work, I plugged the camera back into it, went back to Device Manager in Windows and deleted the camera device driver and then loaded it back (it seemed to load the same driver) I restarted LB and the Lens Calibration and it was getting 2592x1944 resolution!

The rest of the calibration worked perfectly and now everything is great, the camera is amazing and the accuracy is really scary good. I tossed a pencil on the work surface was was able to position text perfectly on the edge of it.

So I have no idea why the camera started working in high res mode. It was either the fact that I plugged the camera into the Windows 7 machine or just reloading the camera driver on Windows 10. I am just very happy it’s all working now

It could very well have been the driver reinstall - I’m very happy (and relieved!) to hear it’s working as intended for you. You waited long enough for it, and I appreciate you being patient throughout this.

I googled this topic because I was having the same problem. Couldn’t get past the Pattern Not Found error. However, when I turned off the lasers internal fluorescent tube light, it started working just fine.