Camera Lens Alignment keeps crashing

Hey all - I bought this camera from amazon ( because the default camera was sold out. I’m not sure if I’m having a ‘camera’ problem or a ‘lightburn’ problem.

I am trying to calibrate the lens and the laser on my intel mac. When I get to about picture 3-7 lightburn crashes. Like the feed from the camera freezes and for a second or two the system is responsive. Then lightburn crashes. Is there anything else I should be looking for or like a special driver to install maybe?

Macbook mid 2015

ELP 16MP auto focus (

1.5.06 (I literally updated today to try and fix the issue)

Adding some followup here - I noticed another topic stating that the issue may be a USB hub. I tried swapping it out and also directly plugging into my mac. Same issue. Since I ordered on Amazon I requested a new one to see if replacing it fixes the issue.

Have been dealing with the same issue. If I unplugged the camera everything worked fine. So I bought another one. And now it doesn’t freeze or crash but when I try to align it starts framing 6" over then goes all the way left and trips the micro switch. So I cant finish setting it up

Just to gather info - are you Mac or PC and do you have the latest version?

PC and yes version 1.5.06

Ok so an update. I found another post that said two things.

#1 don’t hesitate to cover the honeycomb if you’re using one (I am)

#2 GLUE your dots to something rigid. I had it taped to a plastic thing I 3d printed. When I cut a rectangular piece of basswood and glued it it was slightly flatter

#3 I read reviews of my camera that kept saying (essentially) “damn! This camera gets hot and distorts a little bit.

#4 you need to imagine a 9 grid system on the camera (feature request maybe??) and the pictures should have the dots fit in them. So I wasn’t quite high enough up to “fill” the 9 slots.

I did these things and got through calibration. It still took forever and a day.

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