Camera Lens Calibration - new question

So I refocused my camera was going through the lens calibration again to tweak out a tiny bit more precision on the positioning.

When I started getting this message on the Lens Calibration.
Pattern found - Score: nan

Not sure what that means. Is it OK to use, if the score is nan?

Using the search for the forum, “nan” returns this:

Thats what I thought, it was the “Not bad! click next” that was making it confusing.

Noticed that. Thanks for spotting. You must have gotten better scores with you first few captures. This is capture number 6. :slight_smile: Do you remember how the others scored?

Yeah, the NAN only happens with the fisheye calibration and is new. I need to add code to catch it specifically.

The previous scores were just slightly under 1. I had not selected “fisheye” lens.

FWIW I got the same thing today. I did select fisheye lens. I figured it was a bad capture due to the lack of an image.