Camera Lens Calibration - preset versus manual

I recently installed a LightBurn camera (150 degree) and mount and was wondering if choosing the preset for that particular camera is as good as doing a manual calibration. Any advice would be appreciated.

From what I understand doing a good custom calibration can be better than the preset because it’s tuned for the particular camera. In contrast, the preset is a generic calibration so any manufacturing variances are not accounted for in that calibration.

Thank you. I tried doing a manual calibration but couldn’t get any better than around .4 for all of the positions. Based on the directions that should be good enough, but the person doing the demo video was able to get much better results. Should I be happy with that?

Better is better… but depending on your needs may be good enough. You may want to continue to fuss with it. Very tiny changes can have a sizable effect on the score. Even just a tiny angle change will cast a shadow or reflect light in a different way resulting in a dramatically different score. One thing I’ll mention is to not concern yourself with the actual image captured. Only concern yourself with the score. The image doesn’t necessarily directly reflect how “good” the capture was.

That’s all good advice. I will play around with it some more. Thanks for your help.

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